Hands for Hire is an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting service founded in 2000 by Georgiana Murnaghan, an educational interpreter and daughter of Deaf parents (known in Deaf culture as a CODA- child of Deaf adults.) Hands for Hire is based in Cape May County and serves Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland, and Ocean Counties.

Hands for Hire can open a path of communication by providing interpreting services for the Deaf and hearing communities, ensuring equal access to almost any event, in any setting. Hands for Hire provides interpreting services for workshops of all types, enrichment and college courses, church services, employee orientation/training, counseling sessions, doctor appointments, and even theatrical productions.

Whether you or your company is in need of interpreting or consultation services, contact me, Georgiana Murnaghan at Hands for Hire to see what communication equalization services I can provide for you.